Recipe of the Web #1

We are going to highlight a new recipe every week that we try and find on the web in order to introduce you to new healthy food ideas and increase your exposure to new sites and BLOGS that can help in your quest for optimal nutrition.

The first in our recipe of the week is from He and She Eat Clean and it is their Greek Chicken  it was absolutely delicious and as I am new to this sharing I actually forgot to take an after picture but the yummy raw ingredients that went into the oven can be seen below.


It was super easy and quick to prepare I also added some red and yellow peppers/capsicum. To serve I put a side salad together with baby spinach as a base, a little feta and a simple olive oil and lemon dressing. The next day I actually had some leftovers that I wrapped up in an iceberg lettuce leaf that was delicious.

We hope you enjoy and if you try it out please share with us your thoughts.  And we encourage you to go and check out the fantastic work at He and She Eat Clean!

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