To Rise One Hour Earlier



A few years back in my corporate world role I read a lot of business books it is what I do about subjects that keenly hold my interests and passion. I research and devour information much like I am currently doing with the health, nutrition and wellness information to help me win at wellness.

Anyhow I digress… But this book discussed the benefits and habits of successful people and as I am on this winning at wellness journey my mind floated back to the point that was made about rising one hour earlier to devote to an activity of benefit be it exercise if you are not finding the time, or to learn something new and grow your personal/professional development through to meditation if you are so inclined – I think you get the picture?

So I have been testing it out recently and it really is a great start to my day – as a busy Mom who is on the go with running a household and chasing after twin toddlers all day sleep is precious! But I have been finding it invigorating to get started this way. My time has been divided between extra time in getting this BLOG set up, undertaking a nutrition and wellness class online and if I feel the need to do some extra Yoga practice.

The first day or two I was tired but after a couple of weeks my body clock has adjusted and is waking me up at the new time an hour earlier.

So I encourage our readers if you want to get something done for you try the One Hour Early I Rise challenge and see how it can positively impact your health and well being by having that focused you time.


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