Bed Time Routines

This post just dawned on me as I wrangled two very over tired, mischievous, I can do what I want I am soon to be 2 so I will test your boundaries toddlers to bed (parents out there who are there or have been there know the age I am talking about!)

I thought to myself on this very evening these kids are not going to bed without a fight or a tear fuelled tantrum I was sure of it.

Stay with me here people the post will hopefully have a lesson to my ramblings…

So as calmly as I could we started our bedtime routine – a little dinner, a nice bath, coconut butter lotion rub down as we got into our PJ’s, a story or ten 😉 with a cup of milk. As I told my girls last story – this was tonight apparently cue to run around paying chase. But I stood as I do each night between their cots and said Mummy is saying goodnight now who wants to be tucked in, they came over crawled up for a cuddle, Annabelle got into Scarlett’s cot as they do for their own goodnight cuddle and then let me separate them to be zipped up in their sleeping bag. With their favorite toy cuddled into them and by the time I got the door I am not joking these kids were snoring!!!

And no this is not a brag fest that my children are good sleepers – let me tell you as a parent of twins sleep hasn’t always been easy to come by back in the days.

But what it is about is having a nighttime routine – cues that tell the body to shut down for the night.

If bedtime routines work so well with children can they work on adults? Do adults have them?

Speaking for myself I really don’t have any rituals or a set time of going to bed etc… and guess what I am a BAD sleeper it is one of my wellness goals I HAVE TO FIX!!! (yes that is in capitals not because I want to shout at you but just to highlight how important that GOAL is to me)

So I have decided I am going to set some rituals and routines up at night to see if it helps me and guess what after a quick look on the web this seems to apparently be good advice.

SO I ask do you have rituals? Are you a good sleeper? If so what are your keys to success? This journey is all about growing and sharing together so I would love to hear from you 🙂


(Here is Annabelle & Scarlett’s bedtime routine to give each other their own goodnight kiss and cuddle)


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