Think It, Feel It, Bin It…

When embarking on a journey of health and wellness it isn’t just about fuelling your body with the right nutrition and actively participating in exercising it is also about finding a mental balance and learning things about yourself.

I can personally attest to being a so called stress head that it leaves me wondering sometimes if I would know what to do if I wasn’t stressing about something! It has no doubt also been a big part of my health problems and something I need to work on eliminating or significantly reducing.

A tip that helped me immensely I picked up in a past issues of Prevention Magazine from March 2013 that said you should identify what you are stressing about at the time, write it down and then throw it into the trash – essentially throwing away that stress at that time and refocusing on something more important and pleasant.

I admit I thought that sounds a little kooky J but I gave it a go and surprisingly it does seem to help. Now if the problem is big enough I am not saying it is as simple as throwing away the stress on a piece of paper the issue still needs to be resolved but it has helped me to deal with more inconsequential stress and be clearer and calmer on the bigger things.

Thought I would share and perhaps it is something for people to think about trying when you next feel overcome or overwhelmed by a stress.



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