What I am Reading #1

I am passionate in my quest for knowledge in the area of health and wellness and as someone who devours information on a topic they care about I thought I would share with our readers what is currently taking my interest at night as bedside reading.

And our current bedside book is from Patrick Holford (Founder of the Institute of Optimum Nutrition) “The New Optimum Nutrition Bible” a revised and updated version of the original 1998 book. It is great to see a book in this field updated to reflect what is happening now – health and wellness changes at lightning pace as we learn and discover new better ways or discount old beliefs.


I have only got through the first four chapters but I already find I like his point about finding the optimum nutrition for you! Our bodies are unique and have different requirements. I feel it is about finding what works for you and makes you feel at your optimum – so that juice fast that people rave about may not suit your body it is about the journey of learning (We will post more of our thoughts on optimum nutrition in subsequent updates so keep your eyes out for that)

Some of his theories though and as he will rightly say seem out there but with all research you have to take it as it comes and make your own conclusions.

I look forward to sharing some insights and vital pieces of information from this great book as I progress through it.


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