Embrace and Learn from the Setbacks

So as I travel and share this journey to win at wellness I want to share the good, the bad and umm sometimes unattractive…


Yes that is me laid up in hospital for an internal bleed the second one in 2 years in the lower abdomen.

It is times like this you can feel defeated, and ask why??? When I am making all these steps and positive changes how come here I am again feeling immense pain, ill and generally low and in hospital.

The old me would of said “oh well why bother…”

But I realized the new me really has made the immensely important element of wellness the mind shift change.

Instead of being defeated I focussed on the way I felt in general not just the imminent pain. So how did I feel? I felt that maybe without these positive nutritional and lifestyle changes it could of been worse. And even though I’m fighting this infection and bleed I actually felt stronger than ever in body and mind to take it on which will hopefully lessen recovery time.

So the wellness lesson I hope people can take away from my experience is no matter the roadblock don’t give up on your wellness goals! And it is so important to change the way you look and feel about the setbacks.


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