What Does MY Health Mean To Me

I was reflecting on my health and wellness journey lately and I thought what words describe best using the word HEALTH the way I feel about what health is to me.

And I selected these:-

Hope: This word signifies to me that if we take positive steps towards health and wellness it gives us a greater feeling of…

  • Hope to what the future holds.
  • Hope for having fewer illnesses.
  • Hope to achieve our goals and possibilities.
  • Hope to be the best version of ourselves.

Having hope in ones life is a powerful motivator.

Energized: As I have become healthier, fitter and stronger I have way more energy than in the past. This energized body gives me a feeling of well being previously not experienced. I am of more sound mind and body which allows me greater energy to get through the day, keep up with my rambunctious toddlers and fuel my own body with what it needs to work optimally.

Achievement: The sense of accomplishment and achievement I get from meeting my health goals helps to spur me on further and for wanting to attain bigger more challenging wellness goals. It gives me a sense of satisfaction and drive to be the healthiest best version of myself possible.

Lifeblood: Our health is our lifeblood all flows from it be it good or be it bad – I love that I am choosing GOOD health!

Taught: Do we inherently know how to look after ourselves? In some ways yes but in many other ways No. Once I had made the decision to be healthy I had to teach myself new ways and better tactics on exercise, nutrition, relaxation etc… from people who have the knowledge, expertise or past experiences of doing it. Knowledge is Power!

Happy: When being healthy and doing all this the overwhelming feeling I get is a sense of happiness – being happy in myself, my body and my mind this is a wonderful thing 🙂

So what words would you use to describe your HEALTH? We would love for you to share them with us in the comments section.



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