Welcome 2014…

Wow here we are in a new year!

I say that every year but is it just me or do the years quicken the older you get? Or is it being so busy having a young family that you say goodbye to one year and three minutes later hello to a new one 🙂

Either way there is something refreshing about new beginnings. I personally am not one for  new year resolutions because I believe we can decide to make changes anytime and any day of the week if we want to – that is the beauty in the gift of life every day we wake up we can make a change, make a difference.

But new years are a great time for reflection, renewal and re-commitments.

One of the commitments I am making this year after the year that was 2013 which saw me face some of my biggest health and personal challenges but the year also rewarded me with the gift of wellness that I have not had since I was young by changing my life is to ensure I continue on the wellness path and continue to make improvements and changes that allow me to be the best, healthiest version of myself possible.

And I am committed to growing this BLOG and build a community that is inspired and engaged to “Winning At Wellness” so we can all enjoy together the healthiest, happiest year together and be on a path of lifelong wellness.

One of the changes you will see is our new theme that will make it easier to navigate and find the information you are looking for. We will be having special guest posters and featured content around key health themes PLUS so much more!

So come join me and let us make 2014 the year to “Win At Wellness”


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