Why Is It All About Diet?

The Paleo Diet, Atkins Diet, Whole Foods Diet, The Body Shaping Diet, The Body Type Diet…. Insert numerous (or even hundreds) of other types of diets that are out in the market place and it is overwhelming to choose the RIGHT diet for your health and wellness goals.

And there in lies the problem the word diet, the commercialized and confusing mass of literature, stories of success, the promises and the pro’s/cons of each one to choose from to find the one that fits you.

But what if the one you choose doesn’t fit you? Well then like most people you stop and go back to old ways of living. You carry the extra weight, feel unhealthy, sluggish and live with a little less vigor than you should.

Sound familiar – you may have been there? You may have seen loved ones take this path?

I believe it is because we get hung up on the word DIET.

During my journey and health transformation (a continuous work in progress) I get asked ALL the time “What Diet are you on?” and the eye roll or plain annoyance of people when I say I don’t diet I just focus on being well has astounded me – people simply don’t believe unless your adhering to some sort of diet results can be achieved.

So for 2014 I think we need to chuck out the notion of a diet. Whilst a diet can imply the foods we fuel our body with the commercialization of the weight loss and health industry actually takes us further away from achieving life long wellness by focusing on diets.

I like the term optimum nutrition – eating and doing what is right for YOUR body to achieve the wellness goals you have set for yourself. Now that is not to say a particular commercial plan is not right for your body. A lot of my healthy eating principles come from whole, clean foods they are what makes ME feel good so I research and create recipes around those plans.

So whilst we don’t have a bin to burn the word diets in who wants to metaphorically join me in saying ‘2014 is the year of NO diets!’ but the year of being good to ourselves and finding the right lifestyle choices for our journey to “Win At Wellness!”



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