How young or old is your health making you?

As we get older is time ticking to fast on your health OR are you winding back the clock?


To help you find out I wanted to share a great site Grow Youthful that has some really insightful health tests that I found through an online study course I am doing on nutrition and wellness.

The test that I wanted to share with you was the chronological VS biological age.

I took this test back in July when I had made some healthy lifestyle changes and received a biological age of 38 and my actual age is 33, I was a little shocked but I also expected maybe worse?

Fast forward to a week ago and I retook the test 6 months later and my biological age was 32 and I am still 33. Well I was chuffed to say the least.

The test takes 10 minutes to complete but it looks at your entire life style and habits and you pick up some amazing hints and advice. The best thing is that at the end they email you a report free that analyzes where you are doing well and what you can improve on. I found it truly eye opening and helpful.

Which is why I wanted to share it with everyone visiting our BLOG because it epitomizes how to “Win At Wellness”

The direct link is here…

I would love to hear what you thought of this test and what you learnt – please feel free to share with me in the comments!

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