Why I Want To Do Health Coaching

Very recently I signed up to do a Certificate in Lifestyle, Food and Wellness Coaching and was excited to receive my first module on wellness coaching. Can’t wait to delve into topics such as coaching, phycology, change management, motivation and vision creation. And I am sure I will be keen to share what I learn in future posts.

But today on this BLOG I wanted to share why I was moved to take such a course and how I will want to use it to carve out a new chapter in my life.

So why do I want to be a health coach?

  • I want individuals to become empowered to take their health into their own hands.
  • I hope to help people own their health and not sit across from a doctor only to be dismissed about their health concerns. It has happened to me and it has happened to some very dear friends who are experiencing health challenges of their own. Doctors will tell you it is in your head or we don’t have an answer see someone else. What happens then? You are left still feeling sub par and with a diminished sense of worth after the profession who is meant to help doesn’t help. NOW please don’t take that as doctor bashing they are critical in a health setting in certain circumstances and I have enormous respect for the profession. But it is a fact though of what happens in a society and a system that is over burdened, over worked and far removed from the basics of what health is.
  • I want others to feel they are reaching the peak of what they were put on this Earth to do. You can only fully appreciate and enjoy what that is when you feel in optimal health.
  • I want others to feel a passion and be a catalyst for change to those around them to choose healthy habits and a healthy way of life. Imagine if we could create a ground swell of people that can cause a health revolution. It takes one step and one person at a time.

And where have I come from to get to this point?

You can see part of the story in our introduction post and our About Us page.

And further more I found a doctor who was able to find a problem in a place no one had looked before and boy it took some thinking outside the box . It was such a relief after years of being told I was either a hypochondriac or perhaps I needed to seek mental help for phantom feelings. However luckily after finding a doctor who listened and searched I was able to have surgery to help move me forward but instead of taking a life long list of prescription pills I opted to manage it naturally as best I could. The original doctor was in support of this and helped me in that journey. Unfortunately when moving back to my home country they are all to quick to push the pills and make me think I am crazy for wanting to do it my way and the minute something goes off track they just revert back to an old way of handling things.

But do it my way I am even if I stumble I have learnt to read my body and act accordingly.

And one of the reasons I can do this is the doctor who was able to finally help me had a coaching type model to his practice, he listened, he questioned and he helped me to decide and be pro active in what happened.

Now I will never be a doctor (nor do I want to change the way I see health to become one) but I know I can take what I have learnt through my journey, engage in formal education to enhance and learn new knowledge and build a coaching model that will help others to trust themselves and their body to not only heal but exceed the limits of what they thought possible when it came to health.

So fellow winning at wellness friends this study journey will be a great ride I look forward to sharing with it you and sharing all that is to come after!

If you want to share what inspires you about your own health or the journey you have been on I would love to hear from you.


A Helping Hand in Health

A Helping Hand in Health

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