What Focus Can Uncover

So my family recently have been on a wonderful family holiday – a time to unwind, be together and focus on our family unit. And wow was it what life needed!

It not only recharged our batteries it made it real to me about what focus can do. Now trust me when I say our children are always our #1 priority they are our greatest blessing but obviously life happens when you are at home – Daddy needs to go to the office, Mummy has her chores, kinder gym and dance classes to get them to you know life… But when they had us 24/7 all together even when driving a 3 day road trip! You could see a difference in them they exuded even more happiness, were open to trying new things and learnt some new skills. 

Seeing this bought home the lesson about what focussing on something can really do and how we need to focus on ourself a little more often, focussing on putting our health first! So we can give our best to others and be the best versions of ourselves.

But whilst focus can help us to be more and feel better it gets harder to do in this fast paced life and the fast paced life is what is not helping our health. We simply have been programmed over time to loose focus in fact a recent scientific study done and published in The Science Journal showed 1/3 of participants in a study who had to just sit for 15 minutes with their own thoughts and no distractions cheated in that time by looking at their smart phone. We actually need to train our minds to focus and not wander. 

It is not just about the short term focus either it is about making a decision to focus on what you are wanting out of life and choosing to achieve that. Committing to that goal and having the dedication and focus to see it through.

After this holiday my husband and I talked in depth and I knew what I was being called to do and focus on is taking this health journey to the next step. To help not myself but others get the gift of good health NO make that great health! So I am now studying Certificate 3 & 4 in Personal Training and my Certificate in Wellness Coaching.

So that is my new focus and I hope to bring you on this journey and provide great information to share with the readers of When Wellness Wins that will have you winning at wellness in bigger and better ways!

People Exercising at a Gymnasium

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