Are You Having A Laugh

It is a centuries old cure to better health to enjoy deep down laugh out loud moments in your life.


Laughing can have health benefits such as:
-Releasing endorphins this makes you feel good and endorphins being released can actually offer short term pain relief.
-Boosts immunity by decreasing your stress levels (which can cause inflammation hampering immunity) and increases immune cells responsible for fighting antibodies.
-Relaxation as a belly laugh relieves physical tension.
-Improving mental wellbeing by adding joy through laughter you lower your stress and anxiety levels, improve your mood and enhance your resilience.
-It is good for your heart health.

All of the above are great to naturally help you achieve happy health. But what about when you are experiencing health challenges and things like creep into life like mood swings, weepiness and feelings of depression can get in the way? It can happen right? And if it does it can be hard to find the funny side of things. I will never forget at one point when I was really struggling I had friends tell me you just don’t laugh the way you used to it really shook me to the core.

But on a happier note we are here to share how to get a little more laughter into your life and get some of those wonderful health benefits back so you can have happy health πŸ™‚

Without further ado then here are ‘Our Top Tips to Get you Laughing’
– With the invention of YouTube your only a click away from a good old laugh – is it crazy animal antics, people falling over or watching a stand up comedian that takes your fancy? Then search away and spend 10 minutes watching those funny clips. But my personal YouTube favourite way to laugh? Watching clips of the young people amongst us laughing is truly contagious!
-And should you have a young person in your life enjoy a game of chase and tickle and you will both catch the contagious giggles and health benefits together!
-Another online avenue is to like pages on FaceBook that align to your sense of humour and get a laugh each time you log in.
-Write down memories of things, moments, people that have made you laugh in the past. This recall is great for triggering laughter as you remember but also at making you appreciate the great moments you have enjoyed in life that in itself is a worthwhile feel good exercise to nurture your soul.
-Set up a time to catch up with a friend who you know can give you the giggles.
-Get out an old comedy classic and pop the DVD in that always gets you to laugh give yourself the time to enjoy the moments.

We would love to hear from you though please share with us in the comments below what makes you laugh or any YouTube clips or FaceBook pages that promote a laugh so we can all enjoy. (please be sensible though only appropriate family friendly content will be approved thanks πŸ™‚

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