Thank you for stopping by and learning more about ‘When Wellness Wins’ and joining us on a journey to live your best healthiest life possible!

My name is Laura Brooke-Smith and I am a mother to toddler twin daughters, wife to a gorgeous husband for the past 10 years and was living in the tropical Asian country of Singapore before returning to my home country of Australia in December 2013.

Brooke-Smith 17.9.13-2094

My journey with health has been one of struggles from daily allergies, repeated sinus and chest infections, poor sleep, poor energy, female reproductive issues, digestive problems and generally an unhealthy version of the person I know and want to be.

Before moving to Singapore and finally having my beautiful children I worked in the corporate world I love and am passionate about the business and the results you can get BUT it was not a healthy world – long hours of work, take out meals because you were to tired or eating out for corporate entertaining lead to unhealthy food choices and exercise I didn’t have time or the energy for that (which is the chicken or the egg conundrum). I was overweight and lacked the energy and zest for life.

I believe those years took their toll on my body and lead to the health problems I mentioned however when I had the time and focus to dedicate to my health and make good choices, get plenty of exercise I became pregnant with my lovely daughters and have never looked back!

Why? Because I knew before they were even here I wanted to live a LONG, HEALTHY and FULFILLED life – to be the best version of me I could be for them. So I had the energy to keep up, would be able to enjoy all their milestones from the first steps to their first children and be a positive role model for healthy living and instill in them the good habits needed to live their own long healthy lives.

This is what inspires me and this is what led me on this journey. And I want to share, educate and connect with as many people out there as possible who want to also ‘Win at Wellness’ and from this goal the Winning at Wellness BLOG was created.

I am not an expert, I am not perfect – I am human I am flawed, I err at times as I take this healthy path BUT that is OK it is about doing more right than wrong, correcting when needed and putting one foot in front of the other to healthy lifestyle choices.

So I encourage you to read our posts, follow along and share your thoughts, questions or ideas by leaving us comments.

Together Let Us Be Healthy – Let Us Win At Wellness!

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